F.ir.m.a. Code of Ethics, precise rules to follow
EFPIA transparency code
F.ir.m.a. operates in a complex and ever-changing market, interacting with many stakeholders such as healthcare professionals, patients, government and public structures, and suppliers.

This context sets up a high profile of social and moral responsibility that dictates a framework of values based on ethics, transparency, business integrity, high professional quality and a clear focus on service.

The company has established its values in order to guarantee the highest level of ethics and transparency in its business practices also considering the specific characteristics and regulations of the pharmaceutical world.

All management and employees have a great sense of responsibility in upholding the principles of integrity, ethics and transparency, and in opposing any sort of action or behaviour that may favour or even tolerate, directly or indirectly, conduct which is not aligned with this culture.

The company aims to underline the importance of these basic principles which have been consolidated through the adoption of its own Code of Ethics. This Code in line with the Group's Code of Conduct and with the deontological rules of Farmindustria is an integral part of the company's Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Every employee must respect and enforce the Code and strengthen its application through compliant and responsible conduct.

Download Code of Ethics here: Code of Ethics

Organization, Management and Control Model
The Menarini Group, in adherence to the ethical and integrity values that have always inspired it, has launched a Compliance Program since several years.

Among the various initiatives undertaken, it guarantees the adherence to the requirements arising from the introduction of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 into Italian legal system, regarding the administrative liability of legal entities, companies and associations including bodies devoid of legal status.

In this regard, FIRMA has defined and adoped a specific Organisation, Management and Control Model keeping it updated according to organizational assets or operating processes or law integration changes.

Moreover, a Supervisory Board with a specific statute was established, as an independent, professional body aiming at supervising the proper operation and observance of the Model and at managing its updating.

There is a particular focus and attention to initiatives of communication and training of Company employees and consultants on the contents of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and the way in which they were implemented.

Download Organization, Management and Control Model here: Organization, Management and Control Model

Menarini Group Code of Conduct: integrity and ethics are the foundations of our actions
The Menarini Group Code of Conduct expresses the values that inspire our Group in its work. In no way may the intention of operating in the interest of Menarini, or a direct or indirect subsidiary, justify the adoption of conduct which contradicts the principles contained in this Code of Conduct.

We are convinced that constantly placing integrity and ethics at the foundation of our actions is the source of our strength and the key to ever-increasing success.

This code is not just a collection of words on a sheet of paper, but a direct, concrete guide to inspire the conduct of directors, managers and employees in Italy and abroad, as well as a commitment towards collective based on conscious actions with regard to our stakeholders.

The Menarini Group Code of Conduct is applicable for all Group companies, wherever they are located in the world.

Download Code of Conduct here: Code of Conduct