Diagent Haptens
for the Allergologic exam with Patch-Test

 "DIAGENT HAPTENS" consist of precise chemical substances, dispersed in Vaseline or dissolved in opportune solvent at concentrations established according to international standards guaranteeing that the products do not cause irritation in healthy volunteers, while not being too low for detectability in allergic patients. Some substances are tested as is. Compatible haptens are sometimes incorporated into the same ointment to create a hapten mix for ensuring a more rapid execution of the test.

have been grouped into various series for helping the physician choose the ones to be tested and for facilitating diagnosis. The haptens in each series are subdivided into homogeneous categories. The haptens most frequently responsible for contact dermatitis have been grouped in the SIDAPA series (adopted by the Italian Society of Professional and Environmental Allergologic Dermatology), made up of 25 substances or mixes in addition to petrolatum. F.I.R.M.A. recommends integrating this series with 15 other substances or mixes. F.I.R.M.A. markets over 500 different haptens grouped into more than 70 series.


 IN order to accelerate application of the SIDAPA series to the patient, F.I.R.M.A. markets the R.P.T. (Rapid Patch Test). Each R.P.T. contains the SIDAPA series and many other SERIES (Integratives, Specific etc) prepared on different kind of plasters. At the physician's request, F.I.R.M.A. can prepare haptens that are not present in the catalog, either by providing the necessary raw materials or using raw materials supplied by the physician. F.I.R.M.A.'s highly qualified personnel is available for supplying all information the physician may require regarding concentrations, different mediums, etc.